If you are not seeing the option of downloading a SmartSlides slideshow, there are 4 possible reasons:

  1. Your are subscribed to the SmartSlides Starter plan. Due to additional costs of rendering slideshows into video files, the download feature is not available for the introductory Starter plan. Starter plan customers can upgrade their subscription at any time from within their Pixellu Account here
  2. You have not enabled the slideshow download feature for your slideshow. Click here to learn how you can enable that option. 
  3. You are viewing the slideshow on a mobile or tablet device. The download feature is currently supports desktop only and is not available for mobile or tablet devices. 
  4. You are viewing an embedded version of a slideshow. Embedded slideshows do not support the download feature. 

Helpful Tip: To learn more about how the Slideshow Download feature works, please click here. 

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